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This beautiful carved meditation altar is truly an all round object! It can play many roles… how about as an eye blinding tea server? Or as a delicate meditation altar? Maybe you want to surprise a beloved person with a delicious breakfast served onto it? You name it, and this beauty will transform itself into your imagination. Many people have bought this as a gift for someone special, and be honest; who would not love to receive something so unique? Please, note that the photos pictured are only an indication of what you will receive. Of course, it will have the exact same shape, wood and dimensions, but wood grains vary from board to board. Nevertheless, I guarantee, that they all look very unique! Cup is not included in this listing.

All the wood used is food safe, and have spent at least 2 months in a kiln. In this slow drying process, potential bugs and molds are eliminated.
This eye blinding tea platter is thoroughly hand rubbed with biological beeswax and grapeseed oil, and sculpted to perfection from locally obtained European Walnut wood.

4 cm. (1.5 inch)

13 cm. (5.1 inch)

30 cm. (11.8 inch)

490 grams













Wood Characteristics

The very interesting thing about wood is not only its diversity in grain, color, fragrance & patterns….but as well, it can carry countless traces of its life on the planet. Note that in all of my items can be visible traces of those characteristics. Those typical traces can be for example;


Sound Knot
A knot in a piece of lumber that is firmly fixed, undecayed, and as strong as the surrounding wood. Also known as tightknot.

Unsound Knot
An unsound knot is a circular area that was the base of a branch that has a pith center.

This is a swirl or twist in the grain of the wood that does not contain a knot.

Bird Pecks
These are small marks in the grain pattern caused by pecking birds.

Wormholes are traces of previous wildlife in the wood. They can range in size between 1 mm. up to 4 cm. (0.04 to 1.57 inch.)

Mineral Streaks
They are an olive to blackish-brown color, following a grain pattern.

Gum Streaks
Gum streaks are mineral-like streaks of color naturally occurring only in Cherry wood.

This is the mature, usually darker wood, extending from the sapwood to the pith.

Sapwood is lighter colored wood growing from inside the bark to the heartwood.


Care & Food Safety

Hand-wash your handmade wooden boards after each use with mild soap and warm water. Wipe by hand and allow it to dry upstanding & separately from other boards. Most important, never allow your board in a dishwasher or standing water… your beautiful board can split or crack under those conditions. White vinegar or lemon can be used to disinfect and remove smelly odors.

Use a food-safe or mineral oil to polish your board when it starts to look a bit pale or dry. Grapseed oil is a good choice for a few reasons. It’s a non-allergic and odorless product that, in contrary to olive and sunflower oil, doesn’t interact with water…..and thus doesn’t grow rancid. Doing so, it helps to maintain a beautiful finish, it prevents cracking and protects the grain against bacteria or undesired odors.

Warm the oil a little bit before applying. Rub the oil with a clean cloth, or better, with your hands, best is in the direction of the grain. Allow the oil to soak in between each of the 2 or 3 coats required. Wait a few hours to allow the oil to penetrate, usually up to 6 hours. Wipe off the excess that did not soak in all the way.




Today, you have chosen for a true unique and handmade little slice of happiness! You can be very positive about the fact that I’ve spend a lot of time, pleasure and dedication on this product. Therefore, it deserves a correct & reliable sending. Below you can read how the item will find its way to your homestead;

Step 1
After I received your payment, the item will be made ready for sending within 1-4 days. I will ship your order to the address provided, for your own good, please double check  if you did provide the right & full address unless you wish your purchase to have a long & adventurous around-the-world-trip.

Step 2
When the item is ready to leave my workshop after kissing goodbye, I will send you through email the track & trace number in order to follow your priority package. All items shipped are of course packed with care and protected by the therefore suitable materials and products.

Step 3
As soon as the mailman arrives with your long-expected item, please, show kind politeness by not literally throw yourself across his delivery truck, snatching your package out of his trunk and run off with it. She or he needs your signature to confirm me that you received your package in good order.

Step 4
Please check the approximate delivery times.

2-5 days within France
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10-21 days To Australia/New-Zealand & Asia, Canada/USA & South-Africa.

It’s good to bear in mind that exceptions do occur due to strikes,  flat tires, roadblocks, fallen trees, doing private shoppings during work shift, lost keys, cancelled weddings and diligent custom officials. As you will understand, therefore I cannot be held responsible.

Shop Policies

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