A brief story

My woodworking life did not start with my grandfather giving me my first chainsaw for my 1st birthday… neither did I finish my first fruit bowl by the age of 4 in a rustic work shed. Instead, I’ve actually had a few very interesting safaris before. I was a chef, I’ve worked in a monkey conservation park and was contracted as a travel guide in Europe.

In my twenties, I’ve travelled a lot… escaping from my cosy but overcrowded home country, The Netherlands. During one of these journeys in Australia, I lent a hand to a guesthouse owner, who was making a tree-trunk table… and discovered my passion and love for that wonderful craftsmanship!

I love the calm of working with wood. It reveals new aspects with every project…new characters, wood grains and the demand for new skills. It is an intense & serene process, seeing a raw piece of wood transforming into my own ideas. Inspiration is always near… I’m living in France with my lovely wife and cat on a hilltop, overlooking the stunning Pyrenees mountain range…